IC..DK*H`Bono Madox Wytopitlock

brown classic tabby with white 


HCM negative


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Bono is a very sweet and happy boy, his character is fantastic. He is very confident in everything he does and all she wants to do is play and purrs !!!

He's also very playful -- his motto is: "If it moves, it's a toy. If it doesn't move... oh, heck, it's probably a toy anyway."
He is a very loving boy always wanting to be close and giving head butts and kisses.His sweetest trick is to reach up, while he's in your arms, and very gently pat your face with his paws. (Melts my heart every time...)
Bono has a nice head and a wonderful expression.

His ears are of very big and are well placed, he has already long lynx-tips. His muzzle is strong (wide) and long with a deep strong chin. Bono gives us excellent kittens. In our cattery are several his kids :

Alwaro Grace Kelly

Alwaro Volcano (our the most important boy in breeding program)

Alwaro Bonie Blue

Alwaro Pasadena

Alwaro Maxi Star (Bono's granddaughter)

Alwaro Gipsy Lady (Bono's granddaughter)

Alwaro Bristol Bree (Bono's granddaughter)

Alwaro Showgirl

Alwaro Punta Arenas

His proportions are very well, his body is very strong, heavy 12,3 Kg - 01 November '09!!!  (his son Volcano  - 13,6 kg 01 Nov 09), long and well balanced.

Bono has very nice coat texture and contrast.

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Results show



 On the last show in Krakow  7-6.06. 2003 our Bono got  has  his last for Champion and  first certificates for Inter Champion, he got


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On the show in Lodz  10-11 May 2003 our Bono got has his two first certificates for Champion and he got

BIV, Nom BIS, Best Opp.Sex



In Poznan 24.11 Bono became

Winner of Maine Coon Show

- in category the kittens 3-10 months


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16 and 17.11.2002 was Cat Show in Łódz (PL).We are very proud because 16.11 Bono got the Best Cat kategory II and second day (17.11) he won all Show, Bono got the


BEST of the BEST  


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26 and 27.10. 2002 , we were with Bono on Cat Show. We are very proudly from him. Bono won first an second day

BIV and


Best Kitten 3-6  



We would like to thank Anette Backer for this magnificent boy :)))







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